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29. März 2010

BLOG ZIEHT ZUM: / New Blog address

Unser Internetforschungs-Blog ist ab sofort über die neue Adresse http://internetforschung.univie.ac.at/ erreichbar. Bitte auch die RSS-Abonnements ändern. Diese Seite wird nicht mehr erneuert.

From today, our Blog is available on http://internetforschung.univie.ac.at/.

This page will not be updated any more.


10. Juni 2009

CfP: E-Democracy – Online Youth Participation And Engagement

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The International Journal of E-Politics (IJEP) has issued a call for papers for an special issue on E-Democracy – Online Youth Participation And Engagement. They are searching for papers on the following issues (from the call):

  • Adoption of Web 2.0, social networking, and other technologies by young people and the opportunities and challenges for extending this adoption for their engagement in deliberative civic processes
  • Assessing communicative and political action via the Internet from democratic theory perspectives
  • Examples of youth online participation and innovative practices of youth engagement in political and civic matters by governments, political parties, non-government organizations or groups of young people
  • How and why does technology enable/support one way of engagement rather than another: searching beyond technological and social determinism?
  • How does technology ‘produce’ social interaction and young people as participants in online consultation and engagement processes or alternatively how the participants (perhaps at the same time?) socially construct technology to serve their interests?
  • Reviews and critique of existing theoretical approaches, assumptions, and conceptualizations of e-democracy, youth online participation, and engagement in social matters; agendas for future research.
  • Studies investigating social, political, cultural, technological, and other conditions stimulating or obstructing young people’s participation and engagement in online debates and actions
  • Studies of practices and patterns of youth online activism, political action, and organizing as new emerging forms of e-democracy
  • Technology as politics or “the question of technology” – what motivates and informs the development and adoption of the Internet, web-based and other social technologies for youth civic online participation and engagement?
  • What is social technology and why does it matter in imagining and practicing e-democracy by young people?
  • Young people s’ roles, behaviors, identities, interaction, and contribution in electronic spaces; exploration of creation of meanings, construction of individual and group identities and trust (communities?), (re)visions of citizenship and citizenship education, relationships with governments, etc.
  • Youth engagement in e-democracy and the possibility of realizing theoretic (normative) proposals for democratic governance (e.g. Habermas’ public sphere)
  • Deadline is 15 August 2009.

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