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14. Februar 2008

open-access is the future?

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in the spirit of the recent AOIR mailing list discussion (see links) on open-access vs. locked-down academic journals i highly recommend two famous – and interesting! – open access journals in „the field“ (whatever this may mean!?):

journal of computer-mediated communication (JCMC): http://jcmc.indiana.edu/

first monday: http://www.firstmonday.dk/

– both of them are peer-reviewed, read and cited as far as i know! maybe a first step towards the future…


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  1. Hello,
    OA is future and it is raising every day.It is free for all to read, and to use (or reuse) to various extents.
    In OA you have free access to material (mainly scholarly publications) via the Internet.
    Open access to scholarly information has been a hot topic for debate among librarians, scholars, and publishers over the last few years.
    The growth of the open access movement is partially in response to the enormous costs of many scholarly journals.
    With traditional journal publication methods it is not uncommon for an institution to have to pay for an article twice.
    First they pay scholars to produce the work and then the institution’s library pays to purchase the work back from the journal publisher.
    Open access helps to ensure long-term access to scholarly articles.
    Unlike articles that are licensed in traditional article databases, libraries and others can create local copies and repositories of these resources.
    Libraries, by working together to make repositories of open access literature, can ensure continued access to these scholarly publications into the distant future.

    Kommentar von intechweb — 22. September 2010 @ 14:05

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