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22. Januar 2008

4th International Conference on e-Social Science

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Manchester, June 18th-20th, 2008

Initial Announcement and Call for Submissions

The aim of the conference on e-Social Science is to bring together leading
international representatives of the social science, e-Infrastructure/
cyberinfrastructure and e-Research communities in order to improve mutual
awareness, harmonize understanding and instigate coordinated activities to
accelerate research, development and deployment of powerful, new research
methods and tools for the social sciences and beyond.

We invite contributions from members of the social science,
e-Infrastructure/cyberinfrastructure and e-Research communities with
experience of, or interests in: 1) exploring, developing, and applying new
methods, practices, and tools afforded by new infrastructure technologies –
such as the Grid and Web 2.0 – in order to further social science research;
and 2) studying issues impacting on the wider take-up of e-Research.

Submission categories include: full and short papers, posters, demos,
workshops, tutorials and panels.

Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to, the following:

* Case studies of the application of e-Social Science research methods to
substantive social science problems

* Advances in tools and techniques for quantitative and qualitative
e-Social Science, including statistical analysis, simulation, data mining,
text mining, social network analysis and collaborative environments

* Enabling new sources and forms of sociological data through e-Social
Science, including ethical issues and challenges in the collection,
integration, sharing and analysis of sociological and other personal data

*The e-Research technical roadmap, including grids, web 2.0 and their
future (co-evolution)

Important Deadlines

Paper abstracts: Feb 4th, 2008.

Workshop, tutorial and panel outlines: February 22nd, 2008.

Poster and demo abstracts: March 21st, 2008.

Authors will be informed of the programme committees decision in early
March, 2008.

For full details of this call, including a full list of topics of interest
and submission instructions, please visit


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